We offer one of a kind, hand made...Blown Glass, Pottery, Water Fountains, Jewelry and Fused Glass art items...that are unique.   Our company name is Dog and Pup Glass Studios which is attempt to be memorable and maybe (a little) cute,  in a Dog-ly way.  My Bride's nick name is Pup (Darlene) and my nick name is Dog (John)...and no,  we don't sell products for dogs.  :>)   When we began our business our name was Johnson's Art...we wanted a name that would make people smile.  We hope you enjoy your time here and if you have any questions, please send us an email, text or call.

  • 08/14/2017
    A Day In The Glass Shop
     When we started our glass business we didn't know if we'd be able to sell anything...it was just a dream and our need for some extra income.  Now, several years later...we are indeed blessed!   We're able to produce our art and travel to over 16 shows a year...what could be better.  As it is now, most of our show schedule is in western Washington throughout the year...with only 5 shows in eastern Washington...and surprisingly just 2 shows in Idaho, our home state.   As a business we have to go to our customers...years of experience determine which show and why.
     At 74+, I think I'm finding my reality!   I wanted to be a glass artist so that something of yours truly would last into the future.  I only want to produce art that will make your life....better...in some small way, it's meant for you. 
    A special note:   Our web site Guru business is no longer working for us...sadly!  After the first of the year we'll have a new look to our web site and not nearly so extensive.  Our schedule listings are on top of priority list...thank you for your patience. 
    All our best,
    John and Dar
  • 08/14/2017
    Home Again...Click Tabs For Various Pages
    (Picture #1  A Sea Hawk colored sun catcher  #2  A specially designed Sand Ball by our friend Mary S....a commemorative Casino theme for a loved one  #3  A 6" glass  hanging heart  #4  A Sea Hawks colored hanging flower vase.)