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February 7, 2018

A few years ago, I went back to College to learn about building web sites...so that I would be able to construct our own site for Dog and Pup Glass.  I then developed about 35 pages in our old site that was totally custom and user friendly.  We hired a professional company to backup our (less then completely knowledgeable)  computer skill level.  As luck would have it, that company went out of business,  we were unable to edit after "site2you" changed hands.  So here we are...with a brand new web site in its infant stage...teeth-ing and demanding material.  All of the the old pictures and written material were lost, since we could no longer edit:(   I apologize if we've lost your display pictures...sadly control was lost without any alternative to recover the massive amount of data that died with our old web site.  On to the next happening!!  (Maybe not happily but being dragged screaming by fate!)

February 18, 2018

Sadly more people have died in school shootings!  As usual the demand is high to remove firearms from America...but guns don't kill people...people do!  Yes, I'm a gun owner but some way has to be found to keep guns out of the hands of tormented souls that could care less about your loved ones.  We used to have mental hospitals that could house sick individuals...now they're turned loose on humanity to do whatever...think about it

February 23, 2018

We've hoped for a loving family since we were very young...but made less then desirable choices.  Teenager's know everything and I was no exception...I was plain people dumb to be frank:)    Thank God I found Darlene...she is the VERY best...I don't think I'd be alive without her, I am truly  serious!  We have each other now...we haven't any children but we consider our furry friends our kids.  Its nice to help someone,  after all we get unconditional love:)    A day doesn't pass where I'm not thankful for our lovely little family...we are certainly  blessed. 

March 5, 2018

We've just survived our thirty fourth anniversary and the first Arts and Craft show of the year!!   I really do owe everything to my lovely Bride. 

April 7,  2018

Wow, its been a year so far...getting older isn't for the weak of spirit!!!   Tax season is over, a cancer scare that was just a scare (fingers crossed),  a heart problem but the solution is coming and our annealler  burned out....I WONDER WHATS NEXT?   But in reality it could certainly be worse...don't you agree?   Our next show is in Tulip Country, come see us and the fields of color.

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