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Thanks for stopping by...this is our way of reaching out to the world and we do appreciate you!

Our little family consists of Dar and myself (the Dog) and three cats, Patches, Blackie and Little Jack.  We've always been animal lovers and  January a young starving feral cat visited...we tried to help her make it through our cold winter.  As luck would have it...she then brought the rest of her feral family to our door:(   Now we have outside and inside kitties, my heavens its so hard to turn away a hurting animal.  They are all very loving in their own way,  how their personalities differ!   The local humane society knows us well as our children have gone in to be fixed...we don't want to have a herd:

Dar's (Darlene aka Pup) work history has mainly been in the hospitality industry, since moving to North Idaho.  She worked her way into management and at that point...it was better to attempt starting our own business.  Thirty five years later and here we are...Coeur d'Alene artists that actually are able to survive...Dog and Pup Glass has been in business for about 15 years...although Dar has done artwork for over 30 years.  As you know my first name in John (aka Dog) and I have a background in electronics, aircraft instrument repair, nursing (of all things:), HVAC contractor/technician and a business owner with Dar for over 35 years!  We were able to build our own glass/pottery/jewelry/fusing studio...the main equipment is very expensive if you don't have an electrical mechanical background with welding ability.  There's not anything special about owning your own business except for two things,  you get to be the CEO/janitor and golly...its a bunch of work!  I tried to leave our Heating and Air Conditioning business to Dar's son, (Todd Gelting) but he was unable to cope on an emotional, intellectual level, dyslexia...plus he was plagued by on-going legal problems...when he was young.  (Todd is no longer young and has pulled his life together...he seems to be a good provider for his family...we haven't seen him nor his family for years due to his misunderstanding of common words (poor education) and their meaning:(  We are sad about Todd's choice but then again its a free country...we no longer have a son which was not our choice!