Our Products

Our product is Blown Glass, Pottery, Jewelry and Fused Glass...variety is our norm, but it makes catalog listings difficult at best.  We will do our best to offer a sample color of all the products that we produce.  You'll find most if not all items represented within our Gallery page...after all, our artwork is a visual medium.  Since all items are hand-made the color patterns will vary from item to item as will small size variations.  We would gladly email a picture of the item on hand after you choose a specific color.  Further, we will exchange any item in good condition for any reason within one year...the buyer will be responsible shipping & insurance costs if needed.

Glory Hole 
  • Glass Garden Flowers
  • Sun Catcher Ornaments
  • Fused Custom Mixed Glass Plates/Jewelry
  • Humming Bird Feeders
  • Hand Formed Pottery Fountains

About Dog and Pup

The Dog and Pup


Our Story
In the early 80’s my wife tells me that I was whining because I wanted a new toy...she said, “you poor Dog”.  One thing led to another and from that time on, our nick names became Dog and Pup...but then again isn’t that better then Johnson’s glass?  My wife is still the best Pup that I know...it’s been that way for 30 years!  (and hopefully many more years to come.)
Darlene has a history as a food and bar management professional, her last position was with The Coeur d'Alene Hotel and Golf Course.  Through the years Darlene developed as a painter, fuser, jeweler, potter with considerable commercial success.   We began our married life with our own business...Johnson's Heating and Air Conditioning...we started the business with $250 and somehow the business grew and lasted for 30 years, until medical  problems forced a change.  I started taking furnace glass blowing  classes on the Washington coast a little more then 15 years ago...Application of furnace  soft  glass blowing and torch work.  One thing led to another and I was building our furnace glass shop...a background in electronics, welding and engineering created Dog and Pup Glass Studios.  Thank You so much, we appreciate  your support through the years.
 Our glass is formed from pure silica with additional chemicals that affect it’s expansion rate, working softness, and set-up time.  Our particular glass silica comes from Lane Mountain Inc. in Valley, Washington...near Chewelah.  The silica rock is shipped to western Washington State where it’s made into glass.   Color in glass is a specific mixture of silica and chemicals...as an example, gold is used to make some pinks and silver can be used to produce some shades of yellow...but this list certainly includes hundreds of different combinations for a rainbow choice of colored glass.  We blow our glass at about 2,200 degrees F. and then slowly cool the finished product to room temperature.  We use a furnace to melt a large container of liquid glass...the container is called a crucible...a blow pipe is dipped into the crucible to obtain enough glass for each item.  We work with large blow pipes and of course...stainless steel construction is mandatory to reduce heat conductivity in all of the tools.  All of the color that we use in our glass product is colored glass, we never use paint of any kind.  Mount St. Helen’s ash does not make glass, however the ash is added in a small amounts to add value as a souvenir...glass is very caustic when liquid and will dissolve small amounts of rock and brick.  Glass has very specific qualities in that it will only mix with a similar type of glass...different formulas can not be mixed….leaded glass, pyrex, soda lime glass, or even window glass...won’t intermix without producing a failure.  Glass is a material that will never truly harden...it’s in a constant state of flux.

Darlene and I sincerely appreciate your interest and appreciation of our glass product...unique things for special people. The Glass Blower

John and Darlene Johnson