Fused Glass is very special in its own right, think about it...someone hand mixed colors and textures to create a "one of a kind" object for your enjoyment. Our Fused Glass items run from the decorative to functional, one of a kind art. We feature large custom mixed Sun Disks, Ikebanas (Japanese Flower Vase @ $29.00), various plates and dishes with striking color, not to mention fused Copper Fish vertical plates...sealed in layers of glass. We form, weld and paint all of the special item steel base assemblies...I purposely use solid steel for quality.  Copper thermally expands at the same rate as glass...so its possible to fuse copper into glass...without cracking. For instance, the expansion rate of steel sheet vs, glass,  is just so different...a failure is bound to occur.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Cobalt DishFused PlateCobalt PlateSalmonCopper SalmonHeronIkeabanaRed PlatePurple IkebanaCopper Salmon