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I won't bore you with any of the engineering numbers, but I think that we've come up with a of a kind Pendant Swag Light design.   Our new design features a light source that will last ~50,000 hours...that's nearly 6 years if you never turn the light off!  Our new light source offers cool operation and its powered by only low voltage DC electricity.  By now you've probably guessed, I've applied a LED array into our new art light product,  which will outlast over 60 ordinary light bulbs.
Some time ago we produced one of a kind Flower pendant lights which hang as a swag lamp...using a 7 or 10 watt incandescent light bulb.  Although very attractive two problems were apparent in the original design...heat from the incandescent  bulb, short bulb life and proper grounding of the entire fixture.   We needed a design to reduce the bulb heat into the glass and to be powered by a low voltage/wattage source.   Engineering problems are always fun, don't you think?