Recycled Glass Art For You



Indigo SunCatcher     
Glass blowers have the opportunity to use Cullet or what we call Batch.  Cullet is crushed pieces of glass of the same COE type that's remelted in a furnace, then processed into various the above Sun Catcher.   Batch is silica with several different chemicals including CO2 that when propertly melted forms glass...Batch is a new product while Cullet is a Recycled item.  Cullet can be waste from a factory or it could be broken window glass.  All of the pieces must be similar (COE rating) in  their physical properties...or a dynamic failure will likely occur.  Cullet is typically harder to work with then Batch...because it has a quality of solidifying into a solid  rather quickly, better to make bottles and sheet glass you see...when compared to Batch, which can have long working times.  We use Cullet for all of our glass product, we believe in being good to our planet, recycling where possible.