Garden Oasis Flowers          $24.00 

Custom Water Fountains    $135.00 
Table Top Glass Flowers       $24.00
Sand Globes                         $57.00, $67.00 & 77.00
 ...three sizes available 
Hanging Glass Flowers         $24.00
SunCatcher Orbs                  $18.00 to $38.00
 ...dependent on size and color
 ...4 to 7 Inch...other sizes available
Ikebana  Vase                       $29.00
LED Pendant Light                $89.00  
Tree Man Garden Mask        $69.00
Humming Bird Feeders          $29.00
Shipping, Insurance and Packaging in Addition to Item Cost plus Tax if applicable.


Much of our artwork is "one of a kind" and only available...until sold...patterns and colors will change slightly between items.     Singular items in our inventory include Jewelry and  large Fused Plates.....please write or call if you'd like to order a non-stock item.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

 If you could answer the following questions, I'll help you.

1.    What color do you like?   Is the color transparent or opaque?
        (or if you could choose a picture on our Sun Catchers page and tell us what box number.  (L to R numbering))

2.    Our sizes are  the ball's diameter measurement...average sizes are from 4" to 7.5" in each color.  What diameter do you need?
        (or tell us the amount of money per item/color that you'd like to spend...that dollar amount can be converted into a size.)

3.    I'll quote a price after we settle on a specific orb...we'll talk on the phone for payment...we take nearly all credit/debit cards.
        (You can exchange any item for one year...for any need to be happy with the item that you receive.)

Our project this year is to make our web site more "order" friendly...but that's a few weeks away.  I'm working in the shop now, so if an item isn't in stock...I'll build it for you.  :>)