How We Choose A Show

Show Picture
We specialize in hand made blown glass, pottery fused glass and jewelry.  We'd love to meet each and everyone of you, but the reality is that even in Art...we are a business.  We have to meet expenses and earn a profit or we suffer...just like everyone on any level.  A show must have the following attributes:
1.  A minimum of 2 days.
2.  An attendance of at least 5,000 people.
3.  The format for the show must be Arts and Crafts only...never a Fair or a Carnival.
4.  The Promoter has to have a reputation of being reasonable...we're in business together after all.
5.  Word of mouth reputation of a show and area...should be considered.
6.  Rental costs for a space and the quality of the show's Jury process are also considerations.