Why We're  Changing Our Name

Our Show Setup
We specialize in hand blown glass, pottery, glass fusing, slumping and jewelry...forming one of a kind artwork.  When we started developing our art business we choose  "Johnson's Glass" as a name but it was just so ordinary.  We wanted a name that was memorable and unusual, we developed the name "Dog and Pup Studios"  which has lasted for nearly 12 years.  (Dog and Pup has been our nick name's for over 20 years.)  People were always asking what items we sell  for dogs or "do you take pictures of dogs"?  An additional  problem was when our customer looked at their charge card invoice...they knew that they didn't buy anything for a dog in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho! 
Because of the problems, we found that Dog And Pup Glass was a better name choice...with fewer negatives...hence the new name.  We'll maintain two web sites for the next 2 years (www.dogandpupstudios.com...plus...www.dogandpupglass.com) to aide in our new site transition, considering  the folks that know of our previous address.  We feel that with a slight name change and our new web site, we'll improve for 2012.