Other Interests

Ham Radio
My Bride and I have been self employed  for nearly 40 years...looking back it's been a very long road.  But in consideration how else could I have been a CEO and the Janitor at the same time!  When we started our first business (Johnson's Heating and Air Conditioning) we only had $250...if you succeed in this life its because of your work and mostly the grace of others.  We are so thankful for the help from those that believed in us!  We are here because of you.
My primary interests at this time are glass blowing, amateur radio (licensed as a Amateur Extra Class...KF7LF)  and electronics in any application.  My back ground is in aircraft instrument repair, nursing (of all things), HVAC engineering, installation and repair, RC building (aircraft/boats) and operation, solar power design and application, welding and finally web page coding/maintenance.  This is whats led to a fully functioning glass shop that's been in operation for approximately 15 years.  If I had to choose at the beginning of my career path...I'd choose glass blowing...we've been very pleased with the feedback and results...its been a wonderful experience because of our customer's support and world wide sales!  Thank You everyone.