Furnace Blown Glass Art

Ruby DriftWood All of our glass artwork is formed from cullet, a green product that would normally be considered a waste substance, in a factory environment. Our recycled cullet (glass chips) is then re-melted and formed into a clear glass liquid, color is added in one of the last steps...prior to blowing the item to it's finished shape and size.  Glass has a property called it's thermal expansion rate,  or in other words it's Coefficient Of Expansion.  All of the glass cullet melted in the furnace must have a similar  "Expansion Rate/C.O.E."  or a dynamic failure will occur.   We use several different  sources for our stock colors...some coming from Germany.  We use imported color simply because it's the most vibrant color that we could find.  Most glass manufactured colors are formulated using metal oxides and very specific chemical mixtures...which aren't shared with the public.