Fused Glass Art

Fused Glass Disk
The term "Fused" glass  is derived from the process of transforming chips or slabs of glass into a sheet or plate, on a kiln shelf.   After a sheet of glass is formed we sometimes slump (heated and formed in a semi flexible state) the glass over a mold that can form a bowl or a mushroom.  An imagination and the creation of something unique..one of a kind...is the most difficult facet of art...not the physical act of creation, for me.   We custom mix our fused glass...the color (s) and patterns can not be purchased "off the self", totally custom and one of a kind.  Our fused glass items include large Sun Disks, Bowls, Checker Sets, Dichroic Jewelry, Tic Tac Toe Sets and large multi colored Mushrooms.  An imagination is needed...you must rely on yourself for product ideas...that's the most difficult part of a unique creation...in art.