Handmade Wire Weaving and Wire Wraping

Wire Weaving
As the cost of Silver and Gold skyrocketed in 2012, Darlene looked for an affordable alternative...she found Viking Weave using enameled copper wire.  Viking Wire Weaving has been an active art form for a 1,000 years and was originally used as an edge decoration on Viking clothing.  By using Viking Weave we can produce an attractive product using coated copper wire...at much less cost then if you used Gold or Silver wire.
Wire Warp is a highly developed art form using wire (Gold Filled, Silver or Copper) to hold and display a Cab...either glass or a natural stone.   As in all art forms, the artist is in complete control with varying levels of proficiency...not to mention vision.  We strive to offer the highest quality product possible...while only creating unique custom jewelry.