Have you always been an artist?
Cobalt Ball
We've been involved in Arts and Crafts Shows for about 30 years, primarily in Washington and Idaho.  My Bride began as a  painter  (oil-acrylic-pencil mediums) for about 18 years with reasonable success...but in "Flat Art"  it has to be the right painting for the right person...which limits sales.  It was noticed that some vendors would sell extremely fast, while others would have trouble making basic expenses.  We began to search for mediums other then painting to increase sales and making our artwork a viable business.  Of course there were failures but we kept pushing forward until this day...we now work in blown furnace glass, glass fusing, a new line of LED blown accent lights,  pottery, wire wrap/weaving and custom mixed glass jewelry.  Our entire booth is filled with our hand-made art work.
Is your glass art made from Mt. St. Helens ash?
Sand Ball
Glass is made from silica rock and several chemicals that affect it's physical qualities, such as color and viscosity in it's liquid form.  Most glass types are made from non-compatible formulas, which in turn make them incompatible unless mixed with a similar  formulated  product.  Ash from Washington's famous volcano was added in small amounts to crucibles of liquid glass...where it would  dissolve in the caustic glass solution.  Some glass blowers gave the impression that their glass was totally Mount St. Helen's ash...which was untrue...but the glass did contain a small amount of ash to enhance it's souvenir value.  Melted ash in large amounts turns out yellowish brown and as such is unusable.
Where is your art studio located?
Bird Feeder
Our studio is located in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho...we've lived in North Idaho for over 30 years.  Our studio consists of a 30 by 40' metal building where our furnaces and kilns are located, next to our home.   Our studio is closed to the public since we don't have a "viewing" area nor spectator insurance.   The inside of the studio is very "factory like" in appearance.  At this time we don't have a show room nor do we plan to build one.  


Commissioned Work 
& Wholesale

Pup in our booth 
Our Arts and Craft Show schedule takes priority as to when we work in the studio. Custom orders are welcomed but may take 2 to 4 weeks until delivery. We routinely build Sand Globes for our customers using their beach items and special coins to design a special memento...we assist with additional material if needed...working together through the building process. Our Sun Catcher (ornament) colors/sizes are limited to our working colors. We also offer discounts of up to 20% but only in volume sales of 10 items or more. We don't maintain any wholesale accounts at this time...but that may change in the future.
(The store picture below is our 3 week Christmas display...not a permanent store at the Coeur d'Alene's Silverlake Mall, in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.) 
 Mall Sales
  • Shipping At Cost---Never A Handling Charge
  • Insurance Is Always Recommend
  • USPS Shipping Has Given Us The Best Results
  • Single Item Average Shipping Cost is $10 to $15
  • Large Order Shipping Is Not Recommend